Doit Smart Car T100

WiFi Mobile Phone APP Remote Control Tank

This is a novel design of tank chassis with beautiful appearance, fine processing, and full metal structure. It is oxidized into gold and silver colors. Installation spaces are prepaired for the 9g and MG995 servos, which can be used panels design, are reserved for the 9G servos and MG995 servos the installation space can be used to flexibly mount Ultrasonic sensors and mechanical arm.Moreover, the Panel is also reserved for the installation of Arduino UNO R3 and NodeMCU Development Kit.Note that, as for the car Panel, 25mm/37mm motor bracket can be installed for the wheeled 4WD car.More surprising, 2 LED lights can be installed on the Panel to enlighten the dark. Driven by the motor, the car can be flexible rotating around. Trolley carbon brushes of DC motor with Hall sensor for speed measurement and feedback.

Novel Design Tank Chassis

Already Reserve the holes and spaces for 9g and MG995 servos, and for Arduino UNO R3 and NodeMCU development board
1) Reserve the spaces for 9g, MM95, MM96R, etc. servos
2) Design the installation holes for Arduino UNO R3 and NodeMCU development board
3) Reserve the installation holes for Manipulators;
4) Design 2 LED lights for englighting for the night driving, photo, etc;
5) By the requirments, 4WD smart car can be made by adding the 25mm and 37mm motor bracket.

full metal chassis, including the wheels;

Aliminum alloy metal tank chassis with the bearing conneciton metal wheels for the small friction
Full metal bearing wheels and driving wheels, where, stainless steel couplings are used for bearing wheel connection, which can small the friction, and thus car can move freely and smoothly.

Strong Power

25mm DC Carbon Motor (with Hall sensor endoer)
Motor being able to measure velocity and bearing load 2.3kg, max bearing load 5kg.
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