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Doit is not just Cloud

The first to provide a complete industrial chain: WiFi module design, Lua cross platform development, cloud, mobile phone APP, HTML5
  • LuaNode

    Luanode is developed based on ESP8266 and ESP32. Run the Lua script directly; operate hardware resource; achieve product prototypes. ESP8266 is a low-power embedded WIFI module.

  • Doit Cloud

    Doit cloud is dedicated to provide background support for intelligent hardware cloud services platform, to achieve the hardware products and smart phones and cloud services interconnect.


    Provide a set of software for the intelligent hardware services for mobile terminal software solutions, including intelligent hardware and mobile application design, etc.

Functional properties

  • Multiple configuration

    Wechat(AirKiss)、Mobile APP(ESP-Touch(ESP8266)、Web configuration

  • Multi terminal control

    HTML5 remote control, remote control of mobile phone APP, mobile APP LAN control, mobile APP hotspot mode control

  • Easy to develop and upgrade

    Lua script programming, a smart device development takes only 30 minutes, seconds kill native SDK, supports MQTT and custom TCP protocol

DoitCloud Product Examples

LED intelligent light

APP、HTML5, Color adjustment, brightness control, timing switch, a cell phone control of multiple light bulbs, while supporting ESP8266 and ESP32.

Doit IoT DevKit

Support LAN, remote control
APP, development board, html5 communication

Smart Plug

Let the warmth of home always accompanied
Provide real-time view, timing tasks and other functions

Intelligent Car

The most powerful smart car
10 kinds of models, there is always one for you

  • You can directly contact us for cooperation, Doit smart cloud platform is worthy of your trust; you can also try to access the device, the experience of infinite charm